Moonies Beliefs

The Unification Church was founded in 1954 by Sun Myung Moon. He teaches his followers, called Moonies, from The Divine Principle, a 536 page manifesto supposedly revealed to Moon by Jesus Christ. Moonies beliefs are based on this “third testament”, considered superior to the Bible. It states that Adam and Eve were to have a brother/sister relationship until they reached perfection. The Fall occurred when Eve had sexual relations with Satan (spiritual fall) and Adam (physical fall).

Moonies beliefs about Jesus are that He was just a man. His purpose was to marry and produce perfect children. The Crucifixion was a mistake and Jesus was resurrected only spiritually. The Holy Spirit is considered the spiritual wife of Jesus.

Moonies believe John the Baptist was responsible for Christ’s death. God then had to send a “third Adam” to fulfill His salvation plan of a sinless race. Moonies consider Moon the “third Adam”. He will extend his perfection to members through their obedience to him. The new Messiah, his bride, and God, constitute the first trinity.

Followers are the chosen people and non-members may be Satan’s agents. Moonies beliefs on salvation are that it must be earned by works like fasting, fund-raising and recruitment. They must have total submission to Moon, including turning over all financial assets and letting him choose their mates, for a fee. Moon and his 4th wife are the world’s “True Parents” and acceptance of them brings spiritual salvation.

Only married members qualify for God’s kingdom, according to Moonies beliefs. Marriages are performed, with 35,000 to 50,000 couples, most whom had never met. This “Blessing” is a religious ceremony, not actual weddings.

In the afterlife, Moonies expect to experience desires, dislikes and goals, as before death. Hell will pass away as heaven expands, allowing redemption of all mankind.

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